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Monetary policy consists of decisions and actions taken by the Central Bank to ensure that the supply of money in the economy is consistent with growth..
Bank of Tanzania is mandated to license, regulate, supervise and de-license banks, financial institutions and Bureaus de change. Financial Institutions...
The Bank of Tanzania is empowered by the National Payment Systems (NPS) Act 2015 ...
The Bank of Tanzania is involved in money, bonds and foreign exchange markets geared towards implementation of monetary policy, ensuring that ..
The Bank is mandated under the Bank of Tanzania Act, 2006 to have the sole right to issue banknotes and coins in and for Tanzania, which shall be the only...
Bank of Tanzania is a banker and fiscal agent to the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania and to the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar...
Transaction Date:11-Apr-21
Buying Selling
BIF 2.1898 2.2063
EUR 2718.6746 2746.7854
GBP 3137.2137 3169.0479
JPY 20.8525 21.0552
KES 21.3448 21.5181
RWF 2.316 2.3802
UGX 0.6032 0.6329
USD 2287.099 2309.97
GOLD 3989752.7389 4031428.9431
ZAR 157.1619 158.5701
Trade Date
Volume (Million TZS) 7,000.00
HIGH 4.00
LOW 3.50
WAR 3.64
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Trade Date
Rate 4.5
Volume (Million TZS) 20,000.00
Tenure (Days) 14
Trade Date
Rate 5.74
Volume (Million TZS) 25,000.00
Tenure (Days) 14