Organization Structure

Bank of Tanzania Organization Structure

The organization structure of the Bank is in four layers as hereunder:

a. The Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Bank, deriving its authority from the Act which established the Bank. In that capacity, the Board assumes ultimate accountability and responsibility for the performance and affairs of the Bank.

Composition of the Board of Directors is as indicated below:

  • The Governor;
  • Deputy Governors,
  • Representative of the Treasury of the Government of United Republic and the Principal Secretary to the Treasury of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar, all of whom shall be ex-officio members; and
  • Four non-executive Directors at least one of whom hails from either side of the United Republic.

b. The Executive Office:

The Chief Executive Officer of BOT is the Governor assisted by three deputies; Deputy Governor Administration and Internal Controls, Deputy Governor Economic and Financial Policies, and Deputy Governor Financial Stability and Deepening.

Each of the Members of the Executive Office oversees different directorates and Independent Departments as follows:

Office of the Governor - Directorates of Legal Services, Internal Audit, Communication Department, Procurement Management Department and Investigation Services Unit.

Office of the Deputy Governor (Administration and Internal Controls) – Directorates of Finance, Human Resource Management and Administration, Estate and Facilities Management and Management Information Systems, Risk Management Department, Planning Department, Internal Security Department and Bank of Tanzania Academy.

Office of the Deputy Governor (Economic and Financial Policies) - Directorates of Economic Research and Policy, Financial Markets, Currency Management, Banking and Branches.

Office of the Deputy Governor (Financial Stability and Deepening) - Directorates of Financial Sector Supervision, National Payments Systems, Financial Deepening and Inclusion and Financial Stability Department.

d. The Management:

It is made up of Directors, Managers and Assistant Managers, who lead Directorates, Departments and Divisions respectively.

c. Employees:

The Bank maintains employees in four categories: Professional I, Professional II, Clerks and Auxiliary for effective execution of its mandate.