Organization Structure

The Bank’s structure is organized in three layers:

  1. The Executive Office:
  2. The Chief Executive Officer of BoT is the Governor assisted by three deputies; Deputy Governor Administration and Internal Controls, Deputy Governor Economic and Financial Policies, and Deputy Governor Financial Stability and (Financial) Deepening.

    Each of the Members of the Executive Office oversees different directorates as follows:
    Office of the Governor - Directorate of Legal Services, Directorate of Internal Audit and Public Relations and Protocol Department.

    Office of the Deputy Governor (Administration and Internal Control) - Directorates of Human Resource and Administration, Estates Management and Management of Information Systems, Training Institute - Mwanza.

    Office of the Deputy Governor (Economic and Financial Policies) - Directorates of Research and Economic Policies, Financial Markets and Banking and Branches.

    Office of the Deputy Governor (Financial Stability and (Financial) Deepening) - Directorates of Financial Stability and Supervision, Finance, National Payment Systems.

  3. The Management
  4. It is made up of Directors, Managers and Assistant Managers, who lead Directorates, Departments and Divisions, respectively, and
  5. Staff.