Financial Technology Innovations
Bank of Tanzania Fintech Regulatory Sandbox

The Bank of Tanzania (BOT) promotes financial technologies (FinTechs) and innovations for inclusive and efficient provision of financial services and products through creating enabling regulatory environment.

The FinTech Regulatory Sandbox aims to create a controlled environment through a test and learn approach for deploying financial products and services that are not yet fully covered by existing regulatory requirements under the BOT mandate.

Eligible applicants to the FinTech Regulatory Sandbox are Financial Service Providers and FinTech companies.

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Emerging Financial Innovations

BOT promotes emerging financial innovations that facilitate fulfilment of its mandate that is transmission of monetary policy, ensure financial integrity and stability, enhance financial inclusion and consumer protection.

In so doing, BOT monitors developments and implications as well as researching on emerging financial innovations such as: Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and Cryptos.

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