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Payment System - Publications

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Guidelines for introducing of Auditable Card Payment Schemes
Guidelines for introducing of Electronic Payment Schemes
Tanzania Bankers Instrument Standards
Mbeya Electronic Clearing House(MBECH) Rules amd Regulations
Dar es salaam Electronic Clearing House(DECH) Rules amd Regulations

In appreciation of initiative shown by various companies to introduce card based electronic Money Schemes in the country, in January 2000 the NPS Project issued Guidelines, which shall be followed by any party wishing to introduce electronic auditable payment schemes in the country. The aim is to comply with the NPS objective of reducing cash usage and to promote non-cash based instruments in the country.  The guidelines therefore serve as a safeguard measure to consumer interests as well as having standardization, which will facilitate future cooperation and system integration. See full document on Guidelines for introducing of Auditable Card Payment Schemes in Tanzania

The Bank of Tanzania also participated in the development of Guidelines for licensing and Regulating Electronic Money Products and Schemes as agreed by the East African Countries.  The document provides guidelines, which will facilitate systemís future integration of the three countries. See full document on Guidelines for licensing and Regulating Electronic Money Products and Schemes.

Bank of Tanzania in conjunction with Tanzania Bankersí Association documented Paper Instruments Standards which have been agreed by all payment system stakeholders. The standards specify the requirements for the design of paper instruments used for inter-bank payment in local currency between banks in Tanzania. The standards were adopted in January 2000. Banks shall therefore ensure full compliance with the specifications given. These standards shall be read and applied in conjunction with the Tanzania Bankers Clearing-House Regulations and Regulations.  .


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