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Payment System - Home

National Payment Systems Vision & Mission
National Payment Systems Objectives
TACH Rules 2016New
Notice to All Payments Stackholders
TISS Rules and Regulations
Cheque Standards and Specifications
Tanzania Paper Instrument Standards
Bank Branches and Sort CodesNew
NPS Act-2015
GN-The Payment Systems Licencing and-
Approval Regulations 2015
GN-The Electronic money Regulations 2015
List of MTOs Operating in TanzaniaNew
Circular on the limit for TZS Cheque payments
Circular on the limit for USD cheque payments
Circular on the limit for EFT payments
Circular on the limit for TISS charges to customers
Card Transactions
Clearing Transactions
Internet Banking
Large value Transactions
Mobile Transactions
Money Remittance
What is a National Payment System(NPS)?
Who are the major NPS stakeholders in Tanzania
What are the common payment instruments in Tanzania?
What is the role of BOT in the payment system?
Malipo 4 2008
Malipo 3 2007
Malipo 2 2006
Malipo 1 2005
Issue No 3 Sep 2000
Issue No 2 Jun 1999
Issue No 1 Jan 1999

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