FinScope is a national individual-level survey that aims to identify demand for the financial services and barriers to access at present in Tanzania.  It is representative in terms of geography (covering both the mainland and Zanzibar), demography and socio-economic grouping.  The sample size is 5,590.  This is the first comprehensive survey of financial services demand to be carried out in Tanzania.  The FSDT aims to see this repeated at least every two years.


One of the key objectives of the FinScope survey is to establish a new, widely accepted and authoritative benchmark for the financial services needs and attitudes to both informal and formal financial offerings, product usage and barriers to financial access.  The results and related analyses will support government and other policy-makers, bank regulators, private sector financial institutions (of all types and sizes), researchers and the donor community understand the present state of demand for financial services across the country and what challenges and opportunities this presents.
FinScope is funded by the FSDT and co-coordinated by FinMark Trust, a donor-funded organisation based South Africa which developed the original methodology in that country and has helped adapt it in others implementing the survey.  Today, FinScope surveys are being rolled out across Kenya, Uganda and Zambia, as well as Tanzania.


To ensure the survey is tailored to suit the Tanzanian environment, culture and financial services markets, the FSDT and the Bank of Tanzania have set up a Stakeholder Task Force (STF).  This draws representatives from a wide range of organisations in both the public and private sectors, including those working in microfinance.  The STF has, crucially, helped shaped the questionnaire, contributed to the sample design (led by the National Bureau of Statistics and reviewed by FinMark Trust) and will provide input to the way the results of the survey are disseminated.

It is expected that the survey results will be ready in October 2006.

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