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Networks are the principal private sector advocacy groups for the microfinance industry and serve as a unifying force for the development and expansion of a range of institutions providing financial services to the low segment of the population. The role of the networks is, therefore, of working together to create self-regulatory mechanisms, define standards and help organizations improve their operations to meet set standards.

There are two networks for the microfinance sector, namely Tanzania Association of Microfinance Institutions (TAMFI)  and Savings and Credit and Cooperative Union League of Tanzania, 1992 Ltd (SCCULT)


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Dismas Paul, Domestic utensil Salesman, Manzese, Dar es Salaam

When asked about his experience with AKIBA, Paul recounted, “I started off as a ‘Machinga’ (hawker) before getting a loan from AKIBA, which I used to open a place of my own. I am proud of owning this business though it Is still small… I am sure my business will keep on growing as I remain a faithful customer and continue borrowing from AKIBA. I am looking forward to running a very big shop!”



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